Herunterladen: SECTION 5 PARTS LIST SAFETY PRECAUTION Parts identified by the ! symbol are critical for safety. Replace only with specified part numbers. 5.1 PACKING AND ACCESSORY ASSEMBLY

SECTION 5 PARTS LIST SAFETY PRECAUTION Parts identified by the ! symbol are critical for safety. Replace only with specified part numbers. 5.1 PACKING AND ACCESSORY ASSEMBLY The instruction manual to be provided with this product will differ according to the destination. 20 13 DOCUMENTS ASS'Y 7 ACCESSORY ASS'Y 4 10 9 FINAL ASS'Y RATING LABEL LABEL (SERIAL) # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...
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SECTION 5 PARTS LIST SAFETY PRECAUTION Parts identified by the ! symbol are critical for safety. Replace only with specified part numbers.


The instruction manual to be provided with this product will differ according to the destination.



(SERIAL) # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ****************************** 12 LY43387-001A OP BLOCK ASSY13 LY30023-026A POLY BAG


! 15 LY41041-001C AC-INLET CABLE 2 QPA04506007 POLY BAG 16 QPC02503515P POLY BAG 3 LY32896-002A PACKING CASE ! 17 LYT1053-001B INST.BOOK(ENGLISH) 4 LY20899-001A CUSHION(R) 20 BT-51024-1 SER.NET CARD 5 LY20900-001A CUSHION(L) 21 LY30023-014A POLY BAG 7 LY43854-002A LABEL(FRONT) 22 QQR0917-002 CORE FILTER,X2 ! 9 LY43932-001A LABEL(WARNING) 23 LYT0978-003A SHEET(C.FILTER) ! 10 LY43931-001A LABEL(UL) 24 BT-51010-2 WARRANTY CARD 11 LY32897-001A ACC CASE 5-1, 5.2 CAMERA CONTROL UNIT ASSEMBLY 88 82 59 81 83 AD BOARD 60 ASSY <02> 66


72 77 64 AMDP 72 BOARD 62 73


<03> J 61 78 65 DSP BOARD MICOM 72 63 ASSY <04> BOARD 67 ASSY <05> 72 74


c BOARD 69 76 ASSYf 73 <06> a d(4pin) b(2pin) e(8pin) 80 c(3pin) 58 DV BOARD f ASSY <07> 76 a 57 g 5-2, 11 2 10 18 143917 15 4 11 168576D.CONNECTOR 28


C3 Parts Number WJM0254 WJM0255 WJM0256 WJM0257-001A -001A -001A -001A Connector Pin No. 1212345678910 11 121231234WIRE color C4 20brown red green blue red white brown red black brown red orange brown red orange yellow f SW REG ASSY Pin No. of D. CONNECTOR GND 13 14 11 12 15 16 17 18126– 34589710 32 b 32 c 22 22 31 f 12 4 30 30


C365C4 1 C1 C1 C2 20 SW REG PARTS C2 29de12 14 15 FRT BOARD 13 ASSY <08> 23 27 SW REG –29 P.COAD –


8 19 ASSY <09> 21 g 911


29 de b 29c 10 17 5-3, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - *****************************


1 LY10335-001A MAIN CHASSIS 2 E47227-006 FOOT,X4 4 LY10336-001B REAR PANEL 5 QNZ0601-001 EARTH TERMINAL 6 QYNNS4000Z NUT,X2 7 LY10337-001A FRONT PANEL 8 PQ45130-7 JVC MARK 9 SS44054 LED LENS 10 QSW0962-001 SEESAW SWITCH 11 QNZ0558-001 D CONNECTOR 12 WJM0254-001A E-SI C WIRE C-F 13 WJM0255-001B E-SI C WIRE C-F 14 WJM0256-001B E-SI C WIRE C-F 15 WJM0257-001B E-SI C WIRE C-F 16 QQR0490-002 CORE FILTER,X11 17 QUQ310-1220CC FFC WIRE 18 WJJ0280-001A E-SI C WIRE C-C 19 WJJ0281-001A E-SI C WIRE C-C ! 20 LY43137-001A SW REG ASSY 21 QYSDSP3006M SCREW,X4 22 QYSPSPH3006Z SCREW,X12 23 QYSPSPH3006Z SCREW,X9 24 QYSPSPD3008Z SCREW,X3 25 QYSDSP3006M SCREW,X2 26 QYSDSP2604M SCREW,X5 27 QYSDSP2604M SCREW,X2 28 QYSPSPD3008Z SCREW,X2 29 QYSSSPT2640Z SCREW,X6 30 QQR0917-002 CORE FILTER,X4 31 QQR0942-001 CORE FILTER 32 LY44010-001A SHIELD TAPE 57 QUQ105-3003AA FFC WIRE 58 QZW0051-003 PC SPACER,X2 59 LY43316-001A PLATE(1) 60 LY43317-001A PLATE(2) 61 LY43318-001B PLATE(3) 62 LY43319-001A PLATE(4) 63 LY43320-001A PLATE(5) 64 LY43354-001A PLATE(6) 65 LY32448-001A BRACKET(A) 66 LY32449-001A BRACKRT(B) 67 QZW0080-001 PC HOLDER,X6 68 LY32453-001C REAR COVER 69 LY44011-001A GASKET 70 PU43192-4 BINDER,X2 71 LY10334-001A TOP COVER 72 QYSPSPH3006Z SCREW,X10 73 QYSDSF3008N TAP SCREW,X5 74 QYSPSP2006N SCREW,X2 75 QYSDSP2604M SCREW,X6 76 QYSDSP2604M SCREW,X4 77 QYSDSP3004N SCREW 78 QYSDSP2604M SCREW,X4 79 QYSDSP2606N SCREW 80 QYSDSP2604M SCREW 81 QYSDSP3004N SCREW,X4 82 QQR1212-002 CORE FILTER,X2 83 QZW0104-002 WIRE CLAMP 84 QYWSS286505N WASHER 85 QYNNS2600N NUT 86 QYSDSP2608M SCREW 88 LY30030-087A SPACER 5-4, 5.3 ELECTRICAL PARTS LIST # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION **************************** C620 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3VC621 NEA71EM-226X E CAPACITOR 22µF,25V


C623 NEH71CM-476X E CAPACITOR 47µF,16V PW YB10388A-01 MTP BOARD ASSY C624 NEH71CM-476X E CAPACITOR 47µF,16V IC601 BA05SFP-X IC C625 NEA71EM-226X E CAPACITOR 22µF,25V IC602 BA05SFP-X IC C626 NEA71EM-226X E CAPACITOR 22µF,25V IC603 BA05SFP-X IC C627 NEH71CM-476X E CAPACITOR 47µF,16V ! IC604 LM2990S-5.0-W IC L601 QQL31AM-150Z COIL Q601 2SB766/RS/-X TRANSISTOR L602 QQL31AM-150Z COIL D601 RB161L-40-X SB DIODE L603 QQL31AM-150Z COIL D602 RB161L-40-X SB DIODE L604 QQL31AM-150Z COIL D603 RB161L-40-X SB DIODE L605 QQL31AM-150Z COIL D604 RB161L-40-X SB DIODE L606 QQL31AM-150Z COIL D605 RB161L-40-X SB DIODE L607 QQL31AM-150Z COIL R601 NRSA63J-681X MG RESISTOR 680Ø,1/16W BAT601 QAB0005-001 LI BATTERY R602 NRSA63J-681X MG RESISTOR 680Ø,1/16W CN601 QGB1227J1-C8 CONNECTOR R603 NRSA63J-681X MG RESISTOR 680Ø,1/16W CN602 QGB1227J1-C8 CONNECTOR R604 NRSA63J-473X MG RESISTOR 47kØ,1/16W CN603 QGB1227J1-C8 CONNECTOR R605 NRSA63J-123X MG RESISTOR 12kØ,1/16W CN604 QGB1227J1-C8 CONNECTOR R606 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W CN605 QGB1227J1-C8 CONNECTOR R607 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W CN606 QGB1227J1-C8 CONNECTOR R608 NRSA02J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/10W CN607 QGB1227J1-C8 CONNECTOR R609 NRSA02J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/10W CN608 QGB1227J1-C8 CONNECTOR R610 NRSA02J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/10W CN609 QGB1227J1-C8 CONNECTOR R611 NRSA02J-272X MG RESISTOR 2.7kØ,1/10W CN610 QGB1227J1-C8 CONNECTOR R612 NRSA02J-272X MG RESISTOR 2.7kØ,1/10W CN611 QGB1227J1-C8 CONNECTOR R613 NRSA02J-272X MG RESISTOR 2.7kØ,1/10W CN612 QGB1227J1-C8 CONNECTOR R614 NRSA02J-272X MG RESISTOR 2.7kØ,1/10W CN613 QGA2001C1-10 CONNECTOR R615 NRSA02J-272X MG RESISTOR 2.7kØ,1/10W CN614 QGA2001C1-03 CONNECTOR R616 NRSA02J-272X MG RESISTOR 2.7kØ,1/10W CN615 QGA2001C1-02 CONNECTOR R617 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W CN616 QGA2001C1-04 CONNECTOR R618 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W CN617 QGA2001C1-02 CONNECTOR R619 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W ! CP601 ICP-S1.8-X C PROTECTOR R620 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W ! CP602 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR R621 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W ! CP603 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR R622 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W ! CP604 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR R623 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W ! CP605 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR R624 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W ! CP606 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR R625 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W ! CP610 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR R626 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W ! CP611 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR R627 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W ! TH601 NAD0024-003X P THERMISTOR R628 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W TP601 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT VR601 NVP1415-104X TRIM RESISTOR 100kØ,1/4W TP602 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C601 NEH71CM-476X E CAPACITOR 47µF,16V TP603 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C602 NEH71CM-476X E CAPACITOR 47µF,16V TP604 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C603 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP605 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C604 QETN1CM-477Z E CAPACITOR 470µF,16V TP606 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C605 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP607 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C606 NEH71CM-476X E CAPACITOR 47µF,16V TP608 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C607 NEH71CM-476X E CAPACITOR 47µF,16V TP609 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C608 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP610 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C609 QETN1CM-477Z E CAPACITOR 470µF,16V U601 QAL0356-001 D/D CONVERTER C610 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V U602 QAL0356-001 D/D CONVERTER C611 NCF31EZ-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V U603 QAL0355-001 D/D CONVERTER C612 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V OT1 PU59915-105 #500SPACER0.01 C613 NCF31EZ-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V OT2 QYSPSF2606M TAP SCREW,X24,FOR CONNECTOR C614 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V C615 QETN1CM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,16V C616 QETN1CM-477Z E CAPACITOR 470µF,16V C617 NCF31EZ-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C618 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V C619 NCF31EZ-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V 5-5, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION **************************** IC1309 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL)IC1310 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL)


IC1312 NJU7032M-X IC PW YB10383A-01 AD BOARD ASSY IC1313 ADS933Y-X IC IC1001 TC74VHC221AFT-X IC IC1501 EP1K50QC208-3 IC IC1002 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) IC1502 EPC2TC32-014 IC IC1003 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) IC1503 MSM51V8222A-X IC IC1004 AD8042AR-X IC IC1504 MSM51V8222A-X IC IC1005 TC7W53FU-X IC(DIGITAL) IC1505 MSM51V8222A-X IC IC1006 NJM062M-X IC IC1506 K9F6408U0C-TCB0 IC IC1007 NJM062M-X IC Q1001 2SC4081/RS/-X TRANSISTOR IC1008 TC74VHC540FT-X IC(DIGITAL) Q1002 2SC4081/RS/-X TRANSISTOR IC1009 TC7WH74FU-X IC(DIGITAL) Q1003 2SC4081/RS/-X TRANSISTOR IC1010 TC7WH157FU-X IC Q1004 2SA1576A/RS/-X TRANSISTOR IC1011 NJM3404AM-X IC Q1005 2SA1576A/RS/-X TRANSISTOR IC1012 TK16110M-X IC Q1006 2SC4081/RS/-X TRANSISTOR IC1013 TK16110M-X IC Q1101 2SC4081/RS/-X TRANSISTOR IC1014 TC74VHC541FT-X IC Q1102 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR IC1015 TC74HC4052AFT-X IC Q1103 2SA1576A/RS/-X TRANSISTOR IC1016 TC7W53FU-X IC(DIGITAL) Q1104 2SA1576A/RS/-X TRANSISTOR IC1017 TC7W53FU-X IC(DIGITAL) Q1105 IMT1A-W PAIR TRANSISTOR IC1018 TC7W53FU-X IC(DIGITAL) Q1201 2SC4081/RS/-X TRANSISTOR IC1019 NJM062M-X IC Q1202 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR IC1020 TC74HC4066AFT-X IC(DIGITAL) Q1203 2SA1576A/RS/-X TRANSISTOR IC1021 AD8042AR-X IC Q1204 2SA1576A/RS/-X TRANSISTOR IC1022 NJM062M-X IC Q1205 IMT1A-W PAIR TRANSISTOR IC1023 NJM062M-X IC Q1301 2SC4081/RS/-X TRANSISTOR IC1024 TC74HC4053AFT-X IC(DIGITAL) Q1302 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR IC1101 AD603AR-X IC Q1303 2SA1576A/RS/-X TRANSISTOR IC1102 AD8041AR-XE IC Q1304 2SA1576A/RS/-X TRANSISTOR IC1103 NJM062M-X IC Q1305 IMT1A-W PAIR TRANSISTOR IC1104 TC7W53FU-X IC(DIGITAL) D1001 DA204U-X DIODE IC1105 AD8041AR-XE IC D1002 DA204U-X DIODE IC1106 AD8041AR-XE IC D1003 DA204U-X DIODE IC1107 NJU7032M-X IC D1004 DA204U-X DIODE IC1108 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) D1005 DA204U-X DIODE IC1109 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) D1006 DAP202U-X DIODE IC1110 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) D1007 DAP202U-X DIODE IC1111 NJM062M-X IC D1008 DAP202U-X DIODE IC1112 NJU7032M-X IC D1009 DAP202U-X DIODE IC1113 ADS933Y-X IC D1101 DA204U-X DIODE IC1201 AD603AR-X IC D1201 DA204U-X DIODE IC1202 AD8041AR-XE IC D1301 DA204U-X DIODE IC1203 NJM062M-X IC D1501 DAP202U-X DIODE IC1204 TC7W53FU-X IC(DIGITAL) R1003 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC1205 AD8041AR-XE IC R1004 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W IC1206 AD8041AR-XE IC R1005 NRSA63J-222X MG RESISTOR 2.2kØ,1/16W IC1207 NJU7032M-X IC R1006 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC1208 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) R1007 NRSA63J-104X MG RESISTOR 100kØ,1/16W IC1209 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) R1008 NRSA63D-223X MG RESISTOR 22kØ,1/16W IC1210 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) R1009 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W IC1211 NJM062M-X IC R1010 NRSA63D-681X MG RESISTOR 680Ø,1/16W IC1212 NJU7032M-X IC R1011 NRSA63D-682X MG RESISTOR 6.8kØ,1/16W IC1213 ADS933Y-X IC R1012 NRSA63D-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W IC1301 AD603AR-X IC R1013 NRSA63D-682X MG RESISTOR 6.8kØ,1/16W IC1302 AD8041AR-XE IC R1015 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W IC1303 NJM062M-X IC R1016 NRSA63D-473X MG RESISTOR 47kØ,1/16W IC1304 TC7W53FU-X IC(DIGITAL) R1017 NRSA63D-272X MG RESISTOR 2.7kØ,1/16W IC1305 AD8041AR-XE IC R1018 NRSA63D-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W IC1306 AD8041AR-XE IC R1019 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W IC1307 NJU7032M-X IC R1020 NRSA63D-123X MG RESISTOR 12kØ,1/16W IC1308 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) R1021 NRSA63D-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W 5-6, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION R1022 NRSA63D-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R1094 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R1023 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1095 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1024 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1096 NRSA63J-153X MG RESISTOR 15kØ,1/16W R1025 NRSA63D-271X MG RESISTOR 270Ø,1/16W R1097 NRSA63J-183X MG RESISTOR 18kØ,1/16W R1026 NRSA63D-682X MG RESISTOR 6.8kØ,1/16W R1098 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1027 NRSA63D-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R1099 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1028 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R1101 NRSA63J-150X MG RESISTOR 15Ø,1/16W R1029 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R1102 NRSA63J-151X MG RESISTOR 150Ø,1/16W R1030 NRSA63J-750X MG RESISTOR 75Ø,1/16W R1103 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1031 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R1104 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1034 NRSA63J-561X MG RESISTOR 560Ø,1/16W R1105 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1036 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1106 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1037 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W R1107 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1038 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W R1108 NRSA63J-561X MG RESISTOR 560Ø,1/16W R1039 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W R1109 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1040 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1110 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1041 NRSA63J-821X MG RESISTOR 820Ø,1/16W R1111 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R1042 NRSA63J-123X MG RESISTOR 12kØ,1/16W R1112 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1043 NRSA63J-223X MG RESISTOR 22kØ,1/16W R1113 NRSA63J-391X MG RESISTOR 390Ø,1/16W R1046 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1114 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1047 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R1115 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1048 NRSA63J-821X MG RESISTOR 820Ø,1/16W R1116 NRSA63D-390X MG RESISTOR 39Ø,1/16W R1049 NRSA63J-821X MG RESISTOR 820Ø,1/16W R1117 NRSA63D-391X MG RESISTOR 390Ø,1/16W R1052 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R1118 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1053 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R1119 NRSA63D-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R1054 NRSA63J-473X MG RESISTOR 47kØ,1/16W R1120 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1056 NRSA63J-473X MG RESISTOR 47kØ,1/16W R1121 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1057 NRSA63J-473X MG RESISTOR 47kØ,1/16W R1122 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1058 NRSA63J-473X MG RESISTOR 47kØ,1/16W R1123 NRSA63J-681X MG RESISTOR 680Ø,1/16W R1059 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1124 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1060 NRSA63J-124X MG RESISTOR 120kØ,1/16W R1125 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1061 NRSA63J-184X MG RESISTOR 180kØ,1/16W R1126 NRSA63J-471X MG RESISTOR 470Ø,1/16W R1062 NRSA63J-682X MG RESISTOR 6.8kØ,1/16W R1127 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1063 NRSA63J-154X MG RESISTOR 150kØ,1/16W R1128 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1064 NRSA63J-104X MG RESISTOR 100kØ,1/16W R1129 NRSA63J-333X MG RESISTOR 33kØ,1/16W R1065 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R1130 NRSA63J-333X MG RESISTOR 33kØ,1/16W R1066 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R1131 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1068 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1132 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1069 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1133 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R1070 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1134 NRSA63J-223X MG RESISTOR 22kØ,1/16W R1071 NRSA63J-153X MG RESISTOR 15kØ,1/16W R1135 NRSA63J-393X MG RESISTOR 39kØ,1/16W R1072 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1136 NRSA63J-562X MG RESISTOR 5.6kØ,1/16W R1073 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1137 NRSA63J-104X MG RESISTOR 100kØ,1/16W R1074 NRSA63J-273X MG RESISTOR 27kØ,1/16W R1138 NRSA63J-333X MG RESISTOR 33kØ,1/16W R1075 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1139 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1076 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1140 NRSA63J-333X MG RESISTOR 33kØ,1/16W R1077 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1141 NRSA63D-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1078 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1142 NRSA63D-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1079 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1143 NRSA63D-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1080 NRSA63J-822X MG RESISTOR 8.2kØ,1/16W R1144 NRSA63D-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1081 NRSA63J-153X MG RESISTOR 15kØ,1/16W R1145 NRSA63D-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1082 NRSA63J-823X MG RESISTOR 82kØ,1/16W R1146 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W R1083 NRSA63J-471X MG RESISTOR 470Ø,1/16W R1147 NRSA63J-100X MG RESISTOR 10Ø,1/16W R1084 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1148 NRSA63J-100X MG RESISTOR 10Ø,1/16W R1085 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R1149 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1086 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1150 NRSA63D-121X MG RESISTOR 120Ø,1/16W R1087 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R1151 NRSA63D-122X MG RESISTOR 1.2kØ,1/16W R1088 NRSA63J-153X MG RESISTOR 15kØ,1/16W R1152 NRSA63D-823X MG RESISTOR 82kØ,1/16W R1089 NRSA63J-104X MG RESISTOR 100kØ,1/16W R1153 NRSA63D-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W R1090 NRSA63J-333X MG RESISTOR 33kØ,1/16W R1154 NRSA63D-222X MG RESISTOR 2.2kØ,1/16W R1091 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1155 NRSA63D-153X MG RESISTOR 15kØ,1/16W R1092 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1156 NRSA63D-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1093 NRSA63J-104X MG RESISTOR 100kØ,1/16W R1157 NRSA63D-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W 5-7, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION R1158 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R1260 NRSA63J-104X MG RESISTOR 100kØ,1/16W R1159 NRSA63J-333X MG RESISTOR 33kØ,1/16W R1261 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1160 NRSA63J-104X MG RESISTOR 100kØ,1/16W R1262 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1161 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1263 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1162 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1264 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1163 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1265 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1164 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1266 NRSA63J-334X MG RESISTOR 330kØ,1/16W R1165 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1301 NRSA63J-150X MG RESISTOR 15Ø,1/16W R1166 NRSA63J-334X MG RESISTOR 330kØ,1/16W R1302 NRSA63J-151X MG RESISTOR 150Ø,1/16W R1201 NRSA63J-150X MG RESISTOR 15Ø,1/16W R1303 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1202 NRSA63J-151X MG RESISTOR 150Ø,1/16W R1304 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1203 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1305 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1204 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1306 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1205 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1307 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1206 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1308 NRSA63J-391X MG RESISTOR 390Ø,1/16W R1207 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1309 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1208 NRSA63J-561X MG RESISTOR 560Ø,1/16W R1310 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1209 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1311 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R1210 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1312 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1211 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R1313 NRSA63J-391X MG RESISTOR 390Ø,1/16W R1212 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1314 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1213 NRSA63J-391X MG RESISTOR 390Ø,1/16W R1315 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1214 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1316 NRSA63D-390X MG RESISTOR 39Ø,1/16W R1215 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1317 NRSA63D-391X MG RESISTOR 390Ø,1/16W R1216 NRSA63D-390X MG RESISTOR 39Ø,1/16W R1318 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1217 NRSA63D-391X MG RESISTOR 390Ø,1/16W R1319 NRSA63D-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R1218 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1320 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1219 NRSA63D-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R1321 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1220 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1322 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1221 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1323 NRSA63J-681X MG RESISTOR 680Ø,1/16W R1222 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1324 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1223 NRSA63J-681X MG RESISTOR 680Ø,1/16W R1325 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1224 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1326 NRSA63J-471X MG RESISTOR 470Ø,1/16W R1225 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1327 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1226 NRSA63J-471X MG RESISTOR 470Ø,1/16W R1328 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1227 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1329 NRSA63J-333X MG RESISTOR 33kØ,1/16W R1228 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1330 NRSA63J-333X MG RESISTOR 33kØ,1/16W R1229 NRSA63J-333X MG RESISTOR 33kØ,1/16W R1331 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1230 NRSA63J-333X MG RESISTOR 33kØ,1/16W R1332 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1231 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1333 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R1232 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1334 NRSA63J-223X MG RESISTOR 22kØ,1/16W R1233 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R1335 NRSA63J-393X MG RESISTOR 39kØ,1/16W R1234 NRSA63J-223X MG RESISTOR 22kØ,1/16W R1336 NRSA63J-562X MG RESISTOR 5.6kØ,1/16W R1235 NRSA63J-393X MG RESISTOR 39kØ,1/16W R1337 NRSA63J-104X MG RESISTOR 100kØ,1/16W R1236 NRSA63J-562X MG RESISTOR 5.6kØ,1/16W R1338 NRSA63J-333X MG RESISTOR 33kØ,1/16W R1237 NRSA63J-104X MG RESISTOR 100kØ,1/16W R1339 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1238 NRSA63J-333X MG RESISTOR 33kØ,1/16W R1340 NRSA63J-333X MG RESISTOR 33kØ,1/16W R1239 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R1346 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W R1240 NRSA63J-333X MG RESISTOR 33kØ,1/16W R1347 NRSA63J-100X MG RESISTOR 10Ø,1/16W R1246 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W R1348 NRSA63J-100X MG RESISTOR 10Ø,1/16W R1247 NRSA63J-100X MG RESISTOR 10Ø,1/16W R1349 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1248 NRSA63J-100X MG RESISTOR 10Ø,1/16W R1350 NRSA63D-271X MG RESISTOR 270Ø,1/16W R1249 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R1351 NRSA63D-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1250 NRSA63D-271X MG RESISTOR 270Ø,1/16W R1352 NRSA63D-124X MG RESISTOR 120kØ,1/16W R1251 NRSA63D-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R1353 NRSA63D-121X MG RESISTOR 120Ø,1/16W R1252 NRSA63D-124X MG RESISTOR 120kØ,1/16W R1354 NRSA63D-392X MG RESISTOR 3.9kØ,1/16W R1253 NRSA63D-121X MG RESISTOR 120Ø,1/16W R1355 NRSA63D-223X MG RESISTOR 22kØ,1/16W R1254 NRSA63D-392X MG RESISTOR 3.9kØ,1/16W R1356 NRSA63D-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1255 NRSA63D-223X MG RESISTOR 22kØ,1/16W R1357 NRSA63D-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R1256 NRSA63D-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R1358 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R1257 NRSA63D-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R1359 NRSA63J-333X MG RESISTOR 33kØ,1/16W R1258 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R1360 NRSA63J-104X MG RESISTOR 100kØ,1/16W R1259 NRSA63J-333X MG RESISTOR 33kØ,1/16W R1361 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W 5-8, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION R1362 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W RA1558 NRZ0040-181X NETWORK RESISTOR 180Ø R1363 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W RA1559 NRZ0040-181X NETWORK RESISTOR 180Ø R1364 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W RA1560 NRZ0040-0R0X NETWORK RESISTOR 0Ø R1365 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W RA1561 NRZ0040-0R0X NETWORK RESISTOR 0Ø R1366 NRSA63J-334X MG RESISTOR 330kØ,1/16W RA1562 NRZ0040-0R0X NETWORK RESISTOR 0Ø R1401 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA1563 NRZ0040-0R0X NETWORK RESISTOR 0Ø R1402 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA1564 NRZ0040-0R0X NETWORK RESISTOR 0Ø R1403 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA1565 NRZ0040-0R0X NETWORK RESISTOR 0Ø R1404 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA1566 NRZ0040-0R0X NETWORK RESISTOR 0Ø R1405 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W RA1567 NRZ0040-181X NETWORK RESISTOR 180Ø R1406 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W RA1568 NRZ0040-181X NETWORK RESISTOR 180Ø R1407 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W RA1569 NRZ0040-181X NETWORK RESISTOR 180Ø R1408 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W RA1570 NRZ0040-181X NETWORK RESISTOR 180Ø R1501 NRSA63J-333X MG RESISTOR 33kØ,1/16W RA1571 NRZ0040-181X NETWORK RESISTOR 180Ø R1502 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA1572 NRZ0040-181X NETWORK RESISTOR 180Ø R1503 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C1002 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V R1504 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C1003 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V R1505 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C1004 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V R1506 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W C1005 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V R1507 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C1006 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R1508 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C1007 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R1509 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W C1008 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R1510 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W C1009 NDC31HJ-560X CAPACITOR 56pF,50V R1511 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W C1010 NCB31HK-152X CAPACITOR 0.0015µF,50V R1512 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W C1011 NCB30JK-105X CAPACITOR 1µF,6.3V R1513 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W C1012 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R1514 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W C1013 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R1515 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W C1014 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R1516 NRSA63J-471X MG RESISTOR 470Ø,1/16W C1015 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R1518 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C1016 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R1519 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C1017 NEN51CM-106X BP E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V R1520 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W C1018 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R1521 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C1019 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R1522 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C1020 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R1523 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C1021 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V R1524 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C1022 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R1525 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C1023 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR1001 NVP1415-104X TRIM RESISTOR 100kØ,1/4W C1024 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR1002 NVP1415-103X TRIM RESISTOR 10kØ,1/4W C1025 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR1101 NVP1415-501X TRIM RESISTOR 500Ø,1/4W C1026 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR1103 NVP1415-104X TRIM RESISTOR 100kØ,1/4W C1027 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR1201 NVP1415-501X TRIM RESISTOR 500Ø,1/4W C1028 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR1203 NVP1415-104X TRIM RESISTOR 100kØ,1/4W C1030 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR1301 NVP1415-501X TRIM RESISTOR 500Ø,1/4W C1031 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR1303 NVP1415-104X TRIM RESISTOR 100kØ,1/4W C1032 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA1001 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C1033 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA1002 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C1034 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA1003 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C1035 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA1004 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C1036 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA1005 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C1037 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA1006 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C1038 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA1007 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C1039 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA1501 NRZ0040-472X NETWORK RESISTOR 4.7kØ C1040 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V RA1502 NRZ0040-472X NETWORK RESISTOR 4.7kØ C1041 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA1503 NRZ0040-472X NETWORK RESISTOR 4.7kØ C1042 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA1550 NRZ0040-0R0X NETWORK RESISTOR 0Ø C1043 NCB31EK-333X CAPACITOR 0.033µF,25V RA1551 NRZ0040-0R0X NETWORK RESISTOR 0Ø C1044 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA1552 NRZ0040-0R0X NETWORK RESISTOR 0Ø C1045 NDC31HJ-221X CAPACITOR 220pF,50V RA1553 NRZ0040-0R0X NETWORK RESISTOR 0Ø C1046 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA1554 NRZ0040-181X NETWORK RESISTOR 180Ø C1047 NCB30JK-105X CAPACITOR 1µF,6.3V RA1555 NRZ0040-181X NETWORK RESISTOR 180Ø C1048 NEN51HM-105X BP E CAPACITOR 1µF,50V RA1556 NRZ0040-181X NETWORK RESISTOR 180Ø C1049 NCB31EK-473X CAPACITOR 0.047µF,25V RA1557 NRZ0040-181X NETWORK RESISTOR 180Ø C1050 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V 5-9, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION C1051 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1208 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1052 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C1209 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1058 NCB30JK-105X CAPACITOR 1µF,6.3V C1210 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1101 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V C1211 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1102 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1212 NEN51HM-105X BP E CAPACITOR 1µF,50V C1103 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1213 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1104 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1214 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1105 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1215 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C1107 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1216 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1108 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1217 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1109 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1218 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1110 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1219 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1111 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1220 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1112 NEN51HM-105X BP E CAPACITOR 1µF,50V C1221 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1113 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1222 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1114 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1223 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1115 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C1224 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1116 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1225 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1117 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1226 NCB30JK-105X CAPACITOR 1µF,6.3V C1118 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1227 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V C1119 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1228 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1120 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1229 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V C1121 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1230 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1122 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1231 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1123 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1232 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1124 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1233 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1125 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1234 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1126 NCB30JK-105X CAPACITOR 1µF,6.3V C1235 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1127 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V C1236 NEN51CM-106X BP E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1128 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1237 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1129 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V C1238 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1130 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1239 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1131 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1240 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1132 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1242 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1133 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1243 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1134 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1245 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C1135 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1246 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C1136 NEN51CM-106X BP E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1247 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C1137 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1248 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C1138 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1249 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1139 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1250 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1140 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1251 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1142 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1252 NDC31HJ-220X CAPACITOR 22pF,50V C1143 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1253 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1145 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C1256 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1146 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C1257 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1147 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C1258 NEN51HM-105X BP E CAPACITOR 1µF,50V C1148 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C1260 NDC31HJ-9R0X CAPACITOR 9pF,50V C1149 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1301 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V C1150 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1302 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1151 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1303 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1152 NDC31HJ-220X CAPACITOR 22pF,50V C1304 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1153 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1305 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1156 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1307 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1157 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1308 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1158 NEN51HM-105X BP E CAPACITOR 1µF,50V C1309 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1160 NDC31HJ-9R0X CAPACITOR 9pF,50V C1310 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1201 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V C1311 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1202 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1312 NEN51HM-105X BP E CAPACITOR 1µF,50V C1203 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1313 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1204 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1314 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1205 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1315 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C1207 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1316 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V 5-10, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION C1317 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1525 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1318 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1526 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1319 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1527 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1320 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1528 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1321 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1529 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1322 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1530 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1323 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C1532 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1324 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1533 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1325 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1534 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V C1326 NCB30JK-105X CAPACITOR 1µF,6.3V C1535 QETN0JM-227Z E CAPACITOR 220µF,6.3V C1327 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V L1002 NQR0269-021X FERRITE BEAD C1328 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L1003 NQR0269-021X FERRITE BEAD C1329 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V L1004 NQR0269-021X FERRITE BEAD C1330 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L1007 NQR0269-028X FERRITE BEAD C1331 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L1008 NQR0269-028X FERRITE BEAD C1332 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L1009 NQR0269-030X FERRITE BEAD C1333 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L1501 NQR0022-005X FERRITE BEAD C1334 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V CN1001 QGB1227K1-C8 CONNECTOR C1335 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V CN1002 QGB1227K1-C8 CONNECTOR C1336 NEN51CM-106X BP E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V CN1003 QGA2001F2-12V CONNECTOR C1337 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V CN1501 QGA2001C1-06 CONNECTOR C1338 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V ! CP1001 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR C1339 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V ! CP1002 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR C1340 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V ! CP1003 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR C1342 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V ! CP1004 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR C1343 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V ! CP1005 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR C1345 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V LC1001 NQR0436-001X EMI FILTER C1346 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V LC1002 NQR0436-001X EMI FILTER C1347 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V LC1003 NQR0436-001X EMI FILTER C1348 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V LC1004 NQR0436-001X EMI FILTER C1349 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V LC1005 NQR0436-001X EMI FILTER C1350 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V LC1006 NQR0436-001X EMI FILTER C1351 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V SW1501 NSW0022-002X DIP SWITCH C1352 NDC31HJ-220X CAPACITOR 22pF,50V SW1502 NSW0022-002X DIP SWITCH C1353 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V SW1503 NSW0185-001X TACT SWITCH C1356 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP1001 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C1357 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP1002 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C1358 NEN51HM-105X BP E CAPACITOR 1µF,50V TP1009 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C1360 NDC31HJ-9R0X CAPACITOR 9pF,50V TP1010 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C1501 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP1011 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C1502 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP1012 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C1503 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP1014 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C1504 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP1015 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C1505 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP1016 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C1506 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP1017 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C1507 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP1018 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C1508 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP1019 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C1509 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP1102 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C1510 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP1202 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C1511 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP1302 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C1512 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V X1001 NAX0492-001X CXO C1513 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V OT1 QYSPSF2606M TAP SCREW,X4 C1514 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1515 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1516 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1517 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V ****************************** C1518 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V AMDP BOARD ASSEMBLY<03> C1519 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C1520 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V PW1 YB10384A1-01 AMDP BOARD ASSY C1521 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V IC2101 TC74VHC541FT-X IC C1522 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V IC2102 TC74VHC541FT-X IC C1523 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V IC2103 TC74VHC541FT-X IC C1524 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V IC2104 TC74VHC541FT-X IC 5-11, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION IC2105 TC74VHC540FT-X IC(DIGITAL) R2170 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W IC2106 TC74VHC541FT-X IC R2171 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W IC2201 TMC57127PPM IC(DIGITAL) R2172 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W IC2301 TMC57127PPM IC(DIGITAL) R2173 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W IC2401 TMC57127PPM IC(DIGITAL) R2174 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W IC2501 MSM51V8222A-X IC R2175 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W IC2502 MSM51V8222A-X IC R2176 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W IC2503 MSM51V8222A-X IC R2177 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W IC2504 MSM51V8222A-X IC R2178 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W IC2505 MSM51V8222A-X IC R2179 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W IC2506 MSM51V8222A-X IC R2180 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W IC2601 ML6426CS-3-X IC R2181 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W D2601 DA204U-X DIODE R2182 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W D2602 DA204U-X DIODE R2183 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W D2603 DA204U-X DIODE R2184 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2101 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R2185 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2105 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R2186 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2106 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2187 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2107 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2188 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2108 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2189 NRSA63J-222X MG RESISTOR 2.2kØ,1/16W R2109 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2201 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2110 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2202 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2111 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2203 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2112 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2208 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2113 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2209 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2114 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2210 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2115 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2211 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2116 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2212 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2117 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2213 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2118 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2214 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2120 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R2218 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2121 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2219 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2122 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2220 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2123 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2226 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2124 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2227 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2133 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2230 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2134 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2233 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2135 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2234 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2136 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2235 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2137 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2236 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2138 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2237 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2139 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2240 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2141 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2301 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2142 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2302 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2148 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2303 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2149 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2308 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2150 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2309 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2151 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2310 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2152 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2311 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2153 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2312 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2154 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2313 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2155 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2314 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2156 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2318 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2157 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2319 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2158 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2320 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2162 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2325 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2163 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2327 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2164 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2330 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2165 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2333 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2166 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2334 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2167 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2335 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2168 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2336 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2169 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2337 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W 5-12, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION R2340 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2540 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2401 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2541 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2402 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R2542 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2403 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2543 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2408 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2544 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2409 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2545 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2410 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2546 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2411 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2547 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2412 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2548 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2413 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2601 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2414 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2602 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2418 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2603 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2419 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2604 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R2420 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2605 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R2425 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2607 NRSA63J-750X MG RESISTOR 75Ø,1/16W R2426 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2608 NRSA63J-750X MG RESISTOR 75Ø,1/16W R2427 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2609 NRSA63J-750X MG RESISTOR 75Ø,1/16W R2430 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2610 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2433 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2611 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2434 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2612 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2435 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2613 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2436 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2614 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R2437 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2201 NRZ0040-270X NETWORK RESISTOR 27Ø R2440 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2202 NRZ0040-270X NETWORK RESISTOR 27Ø R2501 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2203 NRZ0040-270X NETWORK RESISTOR 27Ø R2502 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2301 NRZ0040-270X NETWORK RESISTOR 27Ø R2503 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2302 NRZ0040-270X NETWORK RESISTOR 27Ø R2504 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2303 NRZ0040-270X NETWORK RESISTOR 27Ø R2505 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2401 NRZ0040-270X NETWORK RESISTOR 27Ø R2506 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2402 NRZ0040-270X NETWORK RESISTOR 27Ø R2507 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2403 NRZ0040-270X NETWORK RESISTOR 27Ø R2508 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2501 NRZ0015-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R2509 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2502 NRZ0015-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R2510 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2503 NRZ0015-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R2511 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2504 NRZ0015-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R2512 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2505 NRZ0015-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R2513 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2506 NRZ0015-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R2514 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2507 NRZ0015-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R2515 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2508 NRZ0015-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R2516 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2509 NRZ0015-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R2517 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2510 NRZ0015-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R2518 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2511 NRZ0015-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R2519 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA2512 NRZ0015-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R2520 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2101 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R2521 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2102 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R2522 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2103 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R2523 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2104 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R2524 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2105 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R2525 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2106 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R2526 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2107 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R2527 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2108 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R2528 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2109 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V R2529 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2110 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V R2530 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2201 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R2531 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2202 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R2532 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2203 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R2533 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2204 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R2534 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2205 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R2535 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2206 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R2536 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2207 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R2537 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2208 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R2538 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2209 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R2539 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C2210 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V 5-13, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION C2211 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2501 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2212 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2502 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2213 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2503 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2214 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2504 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2215 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2505 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2216 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2506 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2217 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2601 NCF31EZ-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C2218 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2602 NCF31EZ-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C2219 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2603 NCF31EZ-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C2220 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2604 NCF31EZ-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C2222 NCB31HK-332X CAPACITOR 0.0033µF,50V C2605 NCF31EZ-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C2223 NCB31HK-332X CAPACITOR 0.0033µF,50V C2606 NCF31EZ-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C2224 NCB31CK-154X CAPACITOR 0.15µF,16V C2607 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2225 NCB31CK-154X CAPACITOR 0.15µF,16V C2608 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2301 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2609 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2302 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2610 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2303 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2611 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V C2304 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2612 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V C2305 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2613 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V C2306 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2614 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V C2307 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2621 NCB31HK-102X CAPACITOR 0.001µF,50V C2308 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2622 NCB31HK-102X CAPACITOR 0.001µF,50V C2309 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2623 NDC31HJ-101X CAPACITOR 100pF,50V C2310 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L2601 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD C2311 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L2602 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD C2312 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L2603 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD C2313 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V CN2001 QGB1227K1-C8 CONNECTOR C2314 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V CN2002 QGB1227K1-C8 CONNECTOR C2315 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V ! CP2101 ICP-S1.8-X C PROTECTOR C2316 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V J2 QNZ0539-001 BNC CONNECTOR C2317 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V J3 QNZ0539-001 BNC CONNECTOR C2318 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V J4 QNZ0539-001 BNC CONNECTOR C2319 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V SW2101 NSW0022-002X DIP SWITCH C2320 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP2103 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2322 NCB31HK-332X CAPACITOR 0.0033µF,50V TP2104 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2323 NCB31HK-332X CAPACITOR 0.0033µF,50V TP2105 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2324 NCB31CK-154X CAPACITOR 0.15µF,16V TP2110 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2325 NCB31CK-154X CAPACITOR 0.15µF,16V TP2111 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2401 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP2112 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2402 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP2113 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2403 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP2114 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2404 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP2115 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2405 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP2201 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2406 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP2301 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2407 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP2401 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2408 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP2501 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2409 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP2601 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2410 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP2602 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2411 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP2603 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2412 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP2604 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2413 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP2605 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2414 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP2606 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2415 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP2607 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2416 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP2608 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2417 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP2609 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C2418 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V OT1 QYSPSF2606M TAP SCREW,X4,FOR CONNECTOR C2419 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V WR1 QUB030-05A5A5 SIN TWIST WIRE C2420 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C2422 NCB31HK-332X CAPACITOR 0.0033µF,50V C2423 NCB31HK-332X CAPACITOR 0.0033µF,50V C2424 NCB31CK-154X CAPACITOR 0.15µF,16V C2425 NCB31CK-154X CAPACITOR 0.15µF,16V C2426 NCF31EZ-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V 5-14, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION ****************************** R3012 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16WR3013 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W


R3015 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W PW2 YB10384A2-01 DSP BOARD ASSY R3016 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC3004 EP20K200EQ2402X IC R3017 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC3005 EPC2TC32-010 IC R3018 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC3006 EPC2TC32-011 IC R3019 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC3007 MSM51V8222A-X IC R3020 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC3008 MSM51V8222A-X IC R3021 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC3009 MSM51V8222A-X IC R3022 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC3010 MSM51V8222A-X IC R3023 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC3011 MSM51V8222A-X IC R3024 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC3012 MSM51V8222A-X IC R3025 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC3013 TC74VHC541FT-X IC R3026 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC3014 TC74VHC541FT-X IC R3027 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC3015 TC74VHC541FT-X IC R3028 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC3016 TC74VHC541FT-X IC R3029 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC3017 TC74VHC541FT-X IC R3030 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC3018 ADV7123KST140 IC R3031 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC3019 ADV7123KST140 IC R3032 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC3021 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) R3033 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC3022 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) R3034 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC3023 AD8041AR-XE IC R3035 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC3024 AD8041AR-XE IC R3036 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W IC3025 AD8041AR-XE IC R3037 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W ! IC3026 ML6426CS-6-X IC R3038 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W IC3030 TC74VHCT541AFTX IC R3039 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC3031 LP3962ES-1.8-W IC R3040 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W IC3032 LP3962ES-1.8-W IC R3041 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W IC3033 MM1385EN-X IC R3042 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W IC3034 MM1385EN-X IC R3043 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W IC3035 W194-70G-X IC R3044 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W IC3036 W194-70G-X IC R3045 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W IC3037 W194-70G-X IC R3046 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC3038 TC74VHC541FT-X IC R3048 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W IC3039 BA10324AF-XE IC R3050 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W Q3001 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR R3051 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W Q3002 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR R3052 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W Q3003 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR R3053 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W Q3004 2SA1576A/RS/-X TRANSISTOR R3054 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W Q3005 2SC4081/RS/-X TRANSISTOR R3055 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W Q3006 2SC4081/RS/-X TRANSISTOR R3056 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W Q3007 2SC4081/RS/-X TRANSISTOR R3057 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W Q3008 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR R3059 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W Q3009 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR R3066 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W Q3010 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR R3068 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W Q3011 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR R3069 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W Q3012 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR R3071 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W Q3013 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR R3072 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W D3001 DA204U-X DIODE R3074 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W D3002 DA204U-X DIODE R3075 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W D3003 DA204U-X DIODE R3076 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W D3007 DA204U-X DIODE R3077 NRSA63J-271X MG RESISTOR 270Ø,1/16W D3009 DA204U-X DIODE R3078 NRSA63J-271X MG RESISTOR 270Ø,1/16W R3001 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3079 NRSA63J-271X MG RESISTOR 270Ø,1/16W R3002 NRSA63J-470X MG RESISTOR 47Ø,1/16W R3080 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3003 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R3081 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3004 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3082 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3005 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3083 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3006 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3084 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3008 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3085 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3010 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3086 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W 5-15, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION R3087 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3155 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3088 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3156 NRSA63J-271X MG RESISTOR 270Ø,1/16W R3089 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R3157 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3090 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R3158 NRSA63J-271X MG RESISTOR 270Ø,1/16W R3091 NRSA63J-681X MG RESISTOR 680Ø,1/16W R3159 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3092 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3160 NRSA63J-271X MG RESISTOR 270Ø,1/16W R3093 NRSA63J-822X MG RESISTOR 8.2kØ,1/16W R3161 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3094 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3162 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3095 NRSA63J-822X MG RESISTOR 8.2kØ,1/16W R3163 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3096 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3164 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3097 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3165 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3098 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3166 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3099 NRSA63J-222X MG RESISTOR 2.2kØ,1/16W R3167 NRSA63J-750X MG RESISTOR 75Ø,1/16W R3100 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3168 NRSA63J-750X MG RESISTOR 75Ø,1/16W R3101 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3169 NRSA63J-750X MG RESISTOR 75Ø,1/16W R3102 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3182 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3103 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3183 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3104 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3193 NRSA63J-680X MG RESISTOR 68Ø,1/16W R3105 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3194 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3106 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3195 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3107 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3196 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3108 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3197 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3109 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3198 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W R3110 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W R3200 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3111 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W R3201 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3112 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W R3203 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3113 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3204 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3114 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3206 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3115 NRSA63J-122X MG RESISTOR 1.2kØ,1/16W R3208 NRSA63J-473X MG RESISTOR 47kØ,1/16W R3116 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R3209 NRSA63J-473X MG RESISTOR 47kØ,1/16W R3117 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3210 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R3118 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3211 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R3119 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3212 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R3120 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R3213 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R3121 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R3214 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R3122 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3215 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R3123 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3217 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3124 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3219 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3125 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R3220 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3126 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3221 NRSA63J-272X MG RESISTOR 2.7kØ,1/16W R3127 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R3222 NRSA63J-471X MG RESISTOR 470Ø,1/16W R3128 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3223 NRSA63J-272X MG RESISTOR 2.7kØ,1/16W R3130 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3224 NRSA63J-471X MG RESISTOR 470Ø,1/16W R3131 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3225 NRSA63J-272X MG RESISTOR 2.7kØ,1/16W R3133 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3226 NRSA63J-471X MG RESISTOR 470Ø,1/16W R3134 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R3227 NRSA63D-272X MG RESISTOR 2.7kØ,1/16W R3136 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3228 NRSA63D-391X MG RESISTOR 390Ø,1/16W R3137 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3229 NRSA63D-182X MG RESISTOR 1.8kØ,1/16W R3138 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3230 NRSA63D-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R3141 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3231 NRSA63D-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W R3142 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3232 NRSA63D-471X MG RESISTOR 470Ø,1/16W R3143 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3233 NRSA63D-122X MG RESISTOR 1.2kØ,1/16W R3144 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3234 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3145 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3235 NRSA63D-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W R3146 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3236 NRSA63D-121X MG RESISTOR 120Ø,1/16W R3147 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W R3237 NRSA63D-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R3148 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3238 NRSA63J-561X MG RESISTOR 560Ø,1/16W R3149 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W R3239 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R3150 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3240 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3151 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W R3241 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3152 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R3242 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3153 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3243 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R3154 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R3244 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W 5-16, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION R3245 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA3025 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R3247 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA3026 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R3249 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W RA3027 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R3250 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W RA3028 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R3252 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W RA3029 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R3253 NRS181J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/8W RA3030 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R3255 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA3031 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R3256 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA3032 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R3257 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA3033 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R3258 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA3034 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R3259 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA3035 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R3260 NRSA63J-470X MG RESISTOR 47Ø,1/16W RA3036 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø R3261 NRSA63J-470X MG RESISTOR 47Ø,1/16W C3001 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V R3262 NRSA63J-470X MG RESISTOR 47Ø,1/16W C3002 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V R3263 NRSA63J-470X MG RESISTOR 47Ø,1/16W C3006 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R3264 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C3007 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V R3265 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W C3008 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R3267 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C3009 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R3268 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C3010 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R3269 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C3011 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R3270 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C3012 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R3271 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C3013 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R3272 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C3014 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R3273 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C3015 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R3274 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C3016 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R3275 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C3017 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R3276 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C3018 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V R3277 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C3019 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V R3278 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C3020 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R3279 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C3021 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R3281 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W C3022 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R3282 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W C3023 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR3001 NVP1415-201X TRIM RESISTOR 200Ø,1/4W C3024 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR3002 NVP1415-201X TRIM RESISTOR 200Ø,1/4W C3025 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR3003 NVP1415-201X TRIM RESISTOR 200Ø,1/4W C3026 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR3005 NVP1415-201X TRIM RESISTOR 200Ø,1/4W C3027 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR3006 NVP1415-201X TRIM RESISTOR 200Ø,1/4W C3028 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR3007 NVP1415-201X TRIM RESISTOR 200Ø,1/4W C3029 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR3008 NVP1415-202X TRIM RESISTOR 2kØ,1/4W C3030 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR3009 NVP1415-202X TRIM RESISTOR 2kØ,1/4W C3031 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR3010 NVP1415-202X TRIM RESISTOR 2kØ,1/4W C3032 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3002 NRZ0040-472X NETWORK RESISTOR 4.7kØ C3033 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3003 NRZ0040-472X NETWORK RESISTOR 4.7kØ C3034 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3005 NRZ0040-471X NETWORK RESISTOR 470Ø C3035 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3006 NRZ0040-471X NETWORK RESISTOR 470Ø C3036 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3007 NRZ0040-471X NETWORK RESISTOR 470Ø C3037 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3008 NRZ0040-471X NETWORK RESISTOR 470Ø C3038 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3009 NRZ0040-471X NETWORK RESISTOR 470Ø C3039 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V RA3010 NRZ0040-471X NETWORK RESISTOR 470Ø C3040 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3011 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C3041 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V RA3012 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C3042 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3013 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C3043 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3014 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C3044 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3015 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C3045 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3016 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C3046 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3017 NRZ0040-102X NETWORK RESISTOR 1kØ C3047 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3018 NRZ0040-102X NETWORK RESISTOR 1kØ C3048 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3019 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C3049 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3020 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C3050 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3021 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C3051 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3022 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C3052 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3023 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C3053 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA3024 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220Ø C3054 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V 5-17, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION C3055 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L3021 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD C3056 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L3023 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD C3057 NDC31HJ-100X CAPACITOR 10pF,50V L3025 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD C3058 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V L3026 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD C3059 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L3027 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD C3060 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V CN3001 QGB1227K1-C8 CONNECTOR C3061 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V CN3002 QGB1227K1-C8 CONNECTOR C3062 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V ! CP3001 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR C3063 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V ! CP3002 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR C3064 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V ! CP3003 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR C3065 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V ! CP3004 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR C3073 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V ! CP3005 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR C3074 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V ! CP3006 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR C3075 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V ! CP3007 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR C3076 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V ! CP3008 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR C3077 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V J5 QNZ0547-001 D CONNECTOR C3079 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V LC3001 NQR0436-001X EMI FILTER C3081 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V LC3002 NQR0436-001X EMI FILTER C3083 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V LC3003 NQR0436-001X EMI FILTER C3096 NCZ1013-683X CAPACITOR 0.068µF SW3002 NSW0022-002X DIP SWITCH C3098 NCZ1013-683X CAPACITOR 0.068µF SW3003 NSW0022-002X DIP SWITCH C3100 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP3001 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C3103 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V TP3002 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C3105 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V TP3003 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C3106 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP3004 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C3107 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP3005 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C3108 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP3006 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C3109 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V TP3007 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C3110 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V TP3008 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C3111 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V TP3012 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C3112 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V TP3015 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C3113 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V TP3016 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT C3114 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V W3001 QUB030-07A5A5 SIN TWIST WIRE C3115 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V W3002 QUB031-11A5A5 SIN TWIST WIRE C3116 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V OT1 QYSPSF2606M TAP SCREW,X4,FOR CONNECTOR C3117 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V C3118 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C3119 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C3120 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V ****************************** C3121 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V MICOM BOARD ASSEMBLY<05> C3122 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C3123 NBE50JM-227X TA E CAPACITOR 220µF,6.3V PW1 YB10385A1-01 MICOM BOARD ASSY C3124 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V IC4101 S-80840CNNB-W IC C3125 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V IC4102 TC7SH08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) C3126 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V IC4103 TC7SH00FU-X IC(DIGITAL) C3127 NCZ1013-683X CAPACITOR 0.068µF IC4104 UPD70F3003A-A03 IC(MICRO C ROM) C3128 NCZ1013-683X CAPACITOR 0.068µF IC4105 TC74VHCT541AFTX IC C3129 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V IC4201 M35072-002FP-X IC(MICRO C ROM) C3130 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V IC4202 M35072-002FP-X IC(MICRO C ROM) C3135 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V IC4203 S-3510ANFJA-W IC C3136 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V IC4204 S-29130ADFJ-X IC C3137 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V IC4205 MB88347PFV-X IC(DIGITAL) C3138 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V IC4206 TC74VHCT00AF-X IC C3139 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V IC4207 NJU7032M-X IC C3140 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V IC4301 XCV50-4PQ240C IC(DIGITAL) C3141 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V IC4401 NJM319M-X IC C3142 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V IC4402 TC74VHC221AFT-X IC C3143 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V IC4403 TC74HC4066AFT-X IC(DIGITAL) C3144 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V IC4404 NJU7032M-X IC C3145 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V IC4405 TC74VCX00FT-X IC C3146 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V IC4406 TC74HC4053AFT-X IC(DIGITAL) L3006 NQR0269-030X FERRITE BEAD IC4407 W194-70G-X IC L3007 NQR0269-030X FERRITE BEAD IC4408 W194-70G-X IC 5-18, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION IC4409 TC74VCX08FT-X IC R4415 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W IC4410 TC74VHC08FT-X IC(DIGITAL) R4416 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W Q4401 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR R4417 NRSA63J-104X MG RESISTOR 100kØ,1/16W Q4402 2SC3932/TS/-X TRANSISTOR R4418 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W Q4403 2SC3932/TS/-X TRANSISTOR R4419 NRSA63J-272X MG RESISTOR 2.7kØ,1/16W Q4404 2SC3932/TS/-X TRANSISTOR R4420 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W Q4405 2SC3932/TS/-X TRANSISTOR R4421 NRSA63J-222X MG RESISTOR 2.2kØ,1/16W Q4406 2SC3932/TS/-X TRANSISTOR R4422 NRSA63J-474X MG RESISTOR 470kØ,1/16W Q4407 2SC3932/TS/-X TRANSISTOR R4423 NRSA63J-474X MG RESISTOR 470kØ,1/16W Q4408 2SC3932/TS/-X TRANSISTOR R4424 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W D4101 DAP202U-X DIODE R4425 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W D4102 DA204U-X DIODE R4426 NRSA63J-562X MG RESISTOR 5.6kØ,1/16W D4103 DA204U-X DIODE R4427 NRSA63J-561X MG RESISTOR 560Ø,1/16W D4104 DA204U-X DIODE R4428 NRSA63J-222X MG RESISTOR 2.2kØ,1/16W D4401 DA204U-X DIODE R4429 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R4108 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R4430 NRSA63J-224X MG RESISTOR 220kØ,1/16W R4109 NRSA63J-153X MG RESISTOR 15kØ,1/16W R4431 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W R4110 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R4433 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R4111 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R4437 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R4113 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4438 NRSA63J-682X MG RESISTOR 6.8kØ,1/16W R4201 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R4439 NRSA63J-152X MG RESISTOR 1.5kØ,1/16W R4202 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R4440 NRSA63J-152X MG RESISTOR 1.5kØ,1/16W R4203 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R4448 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R4204 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R4449 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4205 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R4450 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R4206 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R4802 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4207 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R4803 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4208 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R4804 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4209 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R4805 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R4210 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R4806 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R4211 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R4807 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4212 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R4808 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4213 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R4809 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4214 NRSA63J-222X MG RESISTOR 2.2kØ,1/16W R4810 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4215 NRSA63J-222X MG RESISTOR 2.2kØ,1/16W R4811 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4216 NRSA63J-222X MG RESISTOR 2.2kØ,1/16W R4812 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4217 NRSA63J-222X MG RESISTOR 2.2kØ,1/16W R4813 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4218 NRSA63J-222X MG RESISTOR 2.2kØ,1/16W R4814 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4219 NRSA63J-222X MG RESISTOR 2.2kØ,1/16W R4815 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4220 NRSA63J-222X MG RESISTOR 2.2kØ,1/16W R4816 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4221 NRSA63J-222X MG RESISTOR 2.2kØ,1/16W R4817 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4222 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R4820 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R4223 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R4821 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R4224 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R4822 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R4225 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R4823 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4226 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R4824 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4301 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R4825 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4302 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R4826 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4304 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W R4827 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4401 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R4828 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4402 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R4829 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4403 NRSA63J-152X MG RESISTOR 1.5kØ,1/16W R4830 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4404 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4831 NRSA63J-470X MG RESISTOR 47Ø,1/16W R4405 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R4832 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4406 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R4833 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4407 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R4844 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R4408 NRSA63J-750X MG RESISTOR 75Ø,1/16W R4845 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R4409 NRSA63J-392X MG RESISTOR 3.9kØ,1/16W R4846 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4410 NRSA63J-562X MG RESISTOR 5.6kØ,1/16W R4847 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4411 NRSA63J-474X MG RESISTOR 470kØ,1/16W R4848 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4412 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R4849 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4413 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W R4850 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R4414 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R4851 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W 5-19, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION R4852 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W C4306 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R4853 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W C4307 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R4854 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W C4308 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R4859 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C4309 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R4862 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C4310 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R4863 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C4311 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R4864 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C4312 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R4865 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C4313 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R4866 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C4314 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R4867 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W C4315 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R4868 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W C4316 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R4869 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W C4317 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R4870 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W C4318 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R4871 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W C4319 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR4401 NVP1415-102X TRIM RESISTOR 1kØ,1/4W C4320 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA4301 NRZ0040-472X NETWORK RESISTOR 4.7kØ C4321 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA4302 NRZ0040-472X NETWORK RESISTOR 4.7kØ C4322 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA4303 NRZ0040-472X NETWORK RESISTOR 4.7kØ C4323 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA4802 NRZ0040-0R0X NETWORK RESISTOR 0Ø C4324 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA4803 NRZ0040-0R0X NETWORK RESISTOR 0Ø C4325 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA4804 NRZ0040-0R0X NETWORK RESISTOR 0Ø C4326 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA4805 NRZ0040-0R0X NETWORK RESISTOR 0Ø C4327 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA4806 NRZ0040-101X NETWORK RESISTOR 100Ø C4401 QETN1CM-477Z E CAPACITOR 470µF,16V RA4807 NRZ0040-181X NETWORK RESISTOR 180Ø C4402 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V RA4808 NRZ0040-181X NETWORK RESISTOR 180Ø C4403 NEA71HM-105X E CAPACITOR 1µF,50V RA4809 NRZ0040-181X NETWORK RESISTOR 180Ø C4404 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA4810 NRZ0040-101X NETWORK RESISTOR 100Ø C4405 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA4811 NRZ0040-101X NETWORK RESISTOR 100Ø C4406 NCB31HK-332X CAPACITOR 0.0033µF,50V RA4812 NRZ0040-181X NETWORK RESISTOR 180Ø C4407 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V RA4813 NRZ0040-181X NETWORK RESISTOR 180Ø C4408 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V RA4814 NRZ0040-0R0X NETWORK RESISTOR 0Ø C4409 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4001 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V C4410 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4002 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V C4411 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4003 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V C4412 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4004 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V C4414 QETN1CM-477Z E CAPACITOR 470µF,16V C4005 NEA71CM-476X E CAPACITOR 47µF,16V C4415 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4006 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V C4421 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4101 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V C4422 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4102 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4423 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4103 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4424 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4104 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4425 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4105 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4426 NEA71CM-476X E CAPACITOR 47µF,16V C4106 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4427 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V C4107 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4428 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V C4108 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4429 NBE50JM-227X TA E CAPACITOR 220µF,6.3V C4109 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4430 NBE50JM-227X TA E CAPACITOR 220µF,6.3V C4110 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C4431 NBE51AM-107X TA E CAPACITOR 100µF,10V C4201 NEA71HM-105X E CAPACITOR 1µF,50V L4402 NQR0269-028X FERRITE BEAD C4202 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V L4403 NQR0269-017X FERRITE BEAD C4203 NEA71HM-105X E CAPACITOR 1µF,50V L4404 NQR0269-017X FERRITE BEAD C4204 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V L4405 NQR0269-017X FERRITE BEAD C4205 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L4406 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W C4206 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L4407 NQR0269-030X FERRITE BEAD C4207 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L4408 NQR0022-002X FERRITE BEAD C4208 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L4409 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W C4209 NDC31HJ-120X CAPACITOR 12pF,50V L4410 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W C4210 NDC31HJ-120X CAPACITOR 12pF,50V L4411 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W C4211 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L4412 NRSA63J-220X MG RESISTOR 22Ø,1/16W C4212 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L4413 NQR0269-030X FERRITE BEAD C4301 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L4414 NQR0269-017X FERRITE BEAD C4302 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L4415 NQR0269-004X FERRITE BEAD C4303 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L4416 NQR0269-014X FERRITE BEAD C4304 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L4417 NQR0269-014X FERRITE BEAD C4305 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V CN4001 QGB1227K1-C8 CONNECTOR 5-20, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION CN4002 QGB1227K1-C8 CONNECTOR IC5102 NJM3404AM-X IC CN4003 QGF1004F2-12X FPC CONNECTOR IC5103 NJM3404AM-X IC CN4004 QGA2001F2-03V CONNECTOR IC5104 ADS826-X IC CN4101 QGA2001F2-08V CONNECTOR IC5105 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) ! CP4001 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR IC5106 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) ! CP4002 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR IC5107 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) ! CP4003 ICP-S0.5-X C PROTECTOR IC5201 AD8041AR-XE IC J7 QNZ0539-001 BNC CONNECTOR IC5202 NJM3404AM-X IC SW4101 NSW0185-001X TACT SWITCH IC5203 NJM3404AM-X IC SW4304 NSW0022-002X DIP SWITCH IC5204 ADS826-X IC SW4305 NSW0022-002X DIP SWITCH IC5205 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) SW4306 NSW0185-001X TACT SWITCH IC5206 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) TP4116 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT IC5207 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) TP4117 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT IC5301 AD8041AR-XE IC TP4118 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT IC5302 NJM3404AM-X IC TP4122 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT IC5303 NJM3404AM-X IC TP4123 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT IC5304 ADS826-X IC TP4124 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT IC5305 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) TP4125 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT IC5306 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) TP4126 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT IC5307 TC7SET08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) TP4127 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT Q5001 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR TP4401 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT Q5002 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR TP4402 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT Q5003 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR TP4411 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT Q5101 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR TP4412 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT Q5102 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR TP4413 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT Q5201 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR TP4414 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT Q5202 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR TP4501 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT Q5301 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR TP4502 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT Q5302 2SA1748/QR/-X TRANSISTOR TP4503 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT D5001 DA204U-X DIODE X4201 NAX0005-001X CRYSTAL D5002 DA204U-X DIODE X4401 NAX0493-001 VCXO D5003 DA204U-X DIODE OT1 QYSPSF2606M TAP SCREW,X4,FOR CONNECTOR D5005 DA204U-X DIODE D5006 DA204U-X DIODE D5007 DA204U-X DIODE ****************************** D5008 DA204U-X DIODER5002 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W


R5004 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W PW2 YB10385A2-01 NTSC BOARD ASSY R5005 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC5001 EP20K160EQC2083 IC(DIGITAL) R5006 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC5002 BU1425AK IC R5007 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W IC5003 EPC2TC32-015 IC R5008 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W IC5004 UPD6466GS-543-X IC(MICRO C ROM) R5009 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W IC5005 MSM51V8222A-X IC R5010 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC5006 MSM51V8222A-X IC R5011 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC5007 AD8042AR-X IC R5012 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC5008 TC74VHCT541AFTX IC R5013 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC5009 TC74VHC221AFT-X IC R5014 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC5010 TLC2933IPW-X IC R5015 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC5011 NJM3404AM-X IC R5016 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC5012 AD8042AR-X IC R5017 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC5013 TC7SH08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) R5018 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W IC5014 TC7SH08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) R5019 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC5019 LP3962ES-1.8-W IC R5020 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W ! IC5022 ML6426CS-3-X IC R5021 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC5023 CY2071AF001-X IC R5022 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC5025 W194-70G-X IC R5023 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W IC5026 TC7SH08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) R5024 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W IC5027 MM1385EN-X IC R5025 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W IC5028 TC7SH08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) R5026 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W IC5029 TC7SH08FU-X IC(DIGITAL) R5027 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W IC5030 TC74VHC541FT-X IC R5028 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W IC5101 AD8041AR-XE IC R5029 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W 5-21, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION R5030 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R5103 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R5031 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R5104 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W R5033 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5105 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5034 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5106 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5035 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5107 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R5036 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5108 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W R5037 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5109 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5038 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5110 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W R5040 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5111 NRSA63J-681X MG RESISTOR 680Ø,1/16W R5041 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5112 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R5042 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5113 NRSA63J-334X MG RESISTOR 330kØ,1/16W R5043 NRSA63J-122X MG RESISTOR 1.2kØ,1/16W R5114 NRSA63J-683X MG RESISTOR 68kØ,1/16W R5044 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5117 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R5045 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5118 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5046 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5119 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5047 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5120 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5048 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5124 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R5049 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5125 NRSA63J-223X MG RESISTOR 22kØ,1/16W R5050 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5126 NRSA63J-393X MG RESISTOR 39kØ,1/16W R5051 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5127 NRSA63J-682X MG RESISTOR 6.8kØ,1/16W R5052 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R5128 NRSA63J-391X MG RESISTOR 390Ø,1/16W R5053 NRSA63J-151X MG RESISTOR 150Ø,1/16W R5129 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5054 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5130 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5055 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5131 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R5056 NRSA63J-151X MG RESISTOR 150Ø,1/16W R5132 NRSA63J-223X MG RESISTOR 22kØ,1/16W R5057 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5133 NRSA63J-393X MG RESISTOR 39kØ,1/16W R5058 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5134 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5059 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R5135 NRSA63J-682X MG RESISTOR 6.8kØ,1/16W R5060 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R5136 NRSA63J-391X MG RESISTOR 390Ø,1/16W R5061 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5137 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R5062 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5139 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R5063 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5140 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R5064 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5201 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5065 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5202 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5066 NRSA63J-152X MG RESISTOR 1.5kØ,1/16W R5203 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R5068 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5204 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W R5070 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5207 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R5071 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R5208 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W R5073 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5209 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5074 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R5210 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W R5075 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R5211 NRSA63J-681X MG RESISTOR 680Ø,1/16W R5076 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5212 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W R5077 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5213 NRSA63J-334X MG RESISTOR 330kØ,1/16W R5078 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R5214 NRSA63J-683X MG RESISTOR 68kØ,1/16W R5079 NRSA63J-474X MG RESISTOR 470kØ,1/16W R5217 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W R5081 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R5218 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5082 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R5219 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5083 NRSA63J-183X MG RESISTOR 18kØ,1/16W R5220 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5084 NRSA63J-183X MG RESISTOR 18kØ,1/16W R5224 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R5085 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R5225 NRSA63J-223X MG RESISTOR 22kØ,1/16W R5086 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R5226 NRSA63J-393X MG RESISTOR 39kØ,1/16W R5087 NRSA63J-820X MG RESISTOR 82Ø,1/16W R5227 NRSA63J-682X MG RESISTOR 6.8kØ,1/16W R5088 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5228 NRSA63J-391X MG RESISTOR 390Ø,1/16W R5089 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5229 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5090 NRSA63J-223X MG RESISTOR 22kØ,1/16W R5230 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R5092 NRSA63J-563X MG RESISTOR 56kØ,1/16W R5231 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R5093 NRSA63J-471X MG RESISTOR 470Ø,1/16W R5232 NRSA63J-223X MG RESISTOR 22kØ,1/16W R5094 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R5233 NRSA63J-393X MG RESISTOR 39kØ,1/16W R5095 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5234 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5096 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5235 NRSA63J-682X MG RESISTOR 6.8kØ,1/16W R5097 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5236 NRSA63J-391X MG RESISTOR 390Ø,1/16W R5099 NRSA63J-152X MG RESISTOR 1.5kØ,1/16W R5239 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R5101 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5240 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W R5102 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R5301 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W 5-22, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION R5302 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W VR5101 NVP1415-201X TRIM RESISTOR 200Ø,1/4W R5303 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W VR5201 NVP1416-201X TRIM RESISTOR 200Ø,1/4W R5304 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W VR5301 NVP1416-201X TRIM RESISTOR 200Ø,1/4W R5307 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W RA5001 NRZ0040-472X NETWORK RESISTOR 4.7kØ R5308 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W RA5002 NRZ0040-472X NETWORK RESISTOR 4.7kØ R5309 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA5003 NRZ0040-472X NETWORK RESISTOR 4.7kØ R5310 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W RA5004 NRZ0040-471X NETWORK RESISTOR 470kØ R5311 NRSA63J-681X MG RESISTOR 680Ø,1/16W RA5005 NRZ0040-471X NETWORK RESISTOR 470kØ R5312 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W RA5006 NRZ0040-471X NETWORK RESISTOR 470kØ R5313 NRSA63J-334X MG RESISTOR 330kØ,1/16W RA5007 NRZ0040-471X NETWORK RESISTOR 470kØ R5314 NRSA63J-683X MG RESISTOR 68kØ,1/16W RA5008 NRZ0040-472X NETWORK RESISTOR 4.7kØ R5317 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W RA5009 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220kØ R5318 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W RA5010 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220kØ R5319 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W RA5011 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220kØ R5320 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA5012 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220kØ R5324 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W RA5013 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220kØ R5325 NRSA63J-223X MG RESISTOR 22kØ,1/16W RA5015 NRZ0040-102X NETWORK RESISTOR 1kØ R5326 NRSA63J-393X MG RESISTOR 39kØ,1/16W RA5016 NRZ0040-102X NETWORK RESISTOR 1kØ R5327 NRSA63J-682X MG RESISTOR 6.8kØ,1/16W RA5017 NRZ0040-471X NETWORK RESISTOR 470kØ R5328 NRSA63J-391X MG RESISTOR 390Ø,1/16W RA5018 NRZ0040-471X NETWORK RESISTOR 470kØ R5329 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W RA5019 NRZ0040-471X NETWORK RESISTOR 470kØ R5330 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W RA5020 NRZ0040-471X NETWORK RESISTOR 470kØ R5331 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W RA5022 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220kØ R5332 NRSA63J-223X MG RESISTOR 22kØ,1/16W RA5023 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220kØ R5333 NRSA63J-393X MG RESISTOR 39kØ,1/16W RA5101 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220kØ R5334 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W RA5102 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220kØ R5335 NRSA63J-682X MG RESISTOR 6.8kØ,1/16W RA5201 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220kØ R5336 NRSA63J-391X MG RESISTOR 390Ø,1/16W RA5202 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220kØ R5339 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W RA5301 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220kØ R5340 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W RA5302 NRZ0040-221X NETWORK RESISTOR 220kØ R5401 NRSA63J-152X MG RESISTOR 1.5kØ,1/16W C5001 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V R5402 NRSA63J-152X MG RESISTOR 1.5kØ,1/16W C5002 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V R5403 NRSA63J-152X MG RESISTOR 1.5kØ,1/16W C5003 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V R5404 NRSA63J-152X MG RESISTOR 1.5kØ,1/16W C5004 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V R5409 NRSA63J-750X MG RESISTOR 75Ø,1/16W C5005 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V R5410 NRSA63J-750X MG RESISTOR 75Ø,1/16W C5006 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5416 NRSA63J-750X MG RESISTOR 75Ø,1/16W C5007 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5422 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W C5008 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5423 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W C5009 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5428 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W C5010 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5431 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W C5011 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5432 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W C5012 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5433 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W C5013 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5443 NRSA63J-470X MG RESISTOR 47Ø,1/16W C5014 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5444 NRSA63J-121X MG RESISTOR 120Ø,1/16W C5015 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5445 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W C5016 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5446 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W C5017 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5447 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W C5018 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5448 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W C5019 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5449 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W C5020 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5450 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W C5021 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5451 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W C5022 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5452 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W C5023 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5454 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W C5024 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V R5455 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W C5026 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5457 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W C5027 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5458 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W C5028 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5459 NRS12BJ-0R0W MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/2W C5029 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5460 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W C5030 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5461 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W C5031 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5462 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W C5032 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR5001 NVP1415-201X TRIM RESISTOR 200Ø,1/4W C5033 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR5002 NVP1415-201X TRIM RESISTOR 200Ø,1/4W C5034 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V VR5003 NVP1415-201X TRIM RESISTOR 200Ø,1/4W C5035 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V 5-23, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION C5037 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5210 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C5038 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5211 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C5041 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5212 NDC31HJ-330X CAPACITOR 33pF,50V C5042 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5213 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5043 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5214 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5044 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C5215 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5045 NCB31HK-102X CAPACITOR 0.001µF,50V C5216 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5046 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5217 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5047 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5218 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5048 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5219 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5051 NEN51HM-105X BP E CAPACITOR 1µF,50V C5220 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5052 NCB31HK-102X CAPACITOR 0.001µF,50V C5221 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5053 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5222 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C5054 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5223 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5055 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5301 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C5056 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5303 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C5057 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5304 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5058 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5305 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5059 NEN51HM-105X BP E CAPACITOR 1µF,50V C5306 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C5064 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V C5307 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5067 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V C5308 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5079 NCZ1013-683X CAPACITOR 0.068µF C5309 NEN51HM-105X BP E CAPACITOR 1µF,50V C5080 NCZ1013-683X CAPACITOR 0.068µF C5310 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C5081 NCZ1013-683X CAPACITOR 0.068µF C5311 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C5082 NCZ1013-683X CAPACITOR 0.068µF C5312 NDC31HJ-330X CAPACITOR 33pF,50V C5086 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V C5313 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5088 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V C5314 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5092 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5315 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5094 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5316 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5095 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V C5317 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5096 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5318 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5097 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5319 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5098 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C5320 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5099 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5321 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5101 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C5322 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C5103 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C5323 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5104 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5401 NBE50JM-227X TA E CAPACITOR 220µF,6.3V C5105 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5402 NDC31HJ-7R0X CAPACITOR 7pF,50V C5106 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C5403 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C5107 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5404 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5108 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5405 NDC31HJ-150X CAPACITOR 15pF,50V C5109 NEN51HM-105X BP E CAPACITOR 1µF,50V C5408 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5110 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C5409 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5111 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C5410 NCZ1013-683X CAPACITOR 0.068µF C5112 NDC31HJ-330X CAPACITOR 33pF,50V C5412 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5113 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5413 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5114 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5414 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5115 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5415 NDC31HJ-150X CAPACITOR 15pF,50V C5116 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5416 NDC31HJ-7R0X CAPACITOR 7pF,50V C5117 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5417 NDC31HJ-150X CAPACITOR 15pF,50V C5118 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5418 NDC31HJ-7R0X CAPACITOR 7pF,50V C5119 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5419 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C5120 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5420 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5121 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5423 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V C5122 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C5424 QETN0JM-108Z E CAPACITOR 1000µF,6.3V C5123 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L5002 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD C5201 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V L5003 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD C5203 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V L5006 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD C5204 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L5008 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD C5205 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L5009 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD C5206 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V L5010 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD C5207 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L5013 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD C5208 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L5014 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD C5209 NEN51HM-105X BP E CAPACITOR 1µF,50V L5015 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD 5-24, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION L5016 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD IC5512 TC7WH126FU-X IC L5017 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD R5501 NRSA63D-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W L5018 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD R5502 NRSA63D-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W L5019 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD R5503 NRSA63D-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W L5022 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD R5504 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W L5023 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD R5505 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W L5024 NQR0384-003X CHOKE COIL R5506 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W L5025 NQR0384-003X CHOKE COIL R5507 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W L5026 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD R5508 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W L5027 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD R5509 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W L5028 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD R5510 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W L5029 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD R5511 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W CN5001 QGB1227K1-C8 CONNECTOR R5512 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W CN5002 QGB1227K1-C8 CONNECTOR R5513 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W CN5004 QGF0507F3-30X FFC/FPC CONNECTOR R5514 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W CN5005 QGB0509L3-30X CONNECTOR R5515 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W ! CP5001 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR R5516 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W ! CP5002 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR R5517 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W ! CP5003 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR R5518 NRSA63J-242X MG RESISTOR 2.4kØ,1/16W ! CP5004 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR R5519 NRSA63J-392X MG RESISTOR 3.9kØ,1/16W ! CP5005 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR R5520 NRSA63J-392X MG RESISTOR 3.9kØ,1/16W ! CP5006 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR R5521 NRSA63J-560X MG RESISTOR 56Ø,1/16W J8 NNZ0074-001 D CONNECTOR R5522 NRSA63J-560X MG RESISTOR 56Ø,1/16W J9 QNZ0539-001 BNC CONNECTOR R5523 NRSA63J-560X MG RESISTOR 56Ø,1/16W J10 QND0018-001 S JACK R5524 NRSA63J-560X MG RESISTOR 56Ø,1/16W LC5001 NQR0436-001X EMI FILTER R5525 NRSA63J-512X MG RESISTOR 5.1kØ,1/16W LC5002 NQR0436-001X EMI FILTER R5526 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W LC5003 NQR0436-001X EMI FILTER R5527 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W LC5004 NQR0436-001X EMI FILTER R5528 NRSA63J-224X MG RESISTOR 220kØ,1/16W SW5001 NSW0022-002X DIP SWITCH R5529 NRSA63J-224X MG RESISTOR 220kØ,1/16W TP5001 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT R5530 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W TP5002 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT R5531 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W TP5003 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT R5533 NRSA63J-224X MG RESISTOR 220kØ,1/16W TP5005 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT R5534 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W TP5006 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT R5535 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W TP5007 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT R5536 NRSA63J-473X MG RESISTOR 47kØ,1/16W TP5008 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT R5537 NRSA63J-104X MG RESISTOR 100kØ,1/16W TP5009 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT R5538 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W TP5010 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT R5539 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W TP5013 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT R5540 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W TP5102 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT R5541 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W TP5202 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT R5542 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W TP5302 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT R5543 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W X5001 QAX0469-002 VCXO R5544 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W OT1 QYSPSF2606M TAP SCREW,X4,FOR CONNECTOR R5545 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W OT2 QYSPSP2006N SCREW,X2,FOR J8 R5546 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W R5547 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W R5548 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W ****************************** R5549 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16WR5550 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W


R5552 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W PW YB10387A DV BOARD ASSY R5553 NRSA63J-473X MG RESISTOR 47kØ,1/16W IC5501 JCY0133 IC R5554 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W IC5502 YQ44882A CSP IC ASSY R5555 NRSA63J-222X MG RESISTOR 2.2kØ,1/16W IC5503 JCY0164-X IC R5556 NRSA63J-222X MG RESISTOR 2.2kØ,1/16W IC5504 AT25160N-10SC-X IC R5557 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W IC5505 MM1385JN-X IC R5558 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W IC5506 LP3964ES-ADJ-W IC R5559 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W IC5507 TC7W53FU-X IC(DIGITAL) R5561 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W IC5508 TC7SH04FU-X IC(DIGITAL) R5562 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W IC5509 TC7WH126FU-X IC R5563 NRSA63J-153X MG RESISTOR 15kØ,1/16W IC5510 TC74VHC541FT-X IC R5564 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W IC5511 TC74VHC541FT-X IC R5566 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W 5-25, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION R5567 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W C5544 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V R5568 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W C5545 NCB31HK-102X CAPACITOR 0.001µF,50V R5569 NRSA63J-332X MG RESISTOR 3.3kØ,1/16W C5546 NDC31HJ-271X CAPACITOR 270pF,50V R5570 NRSA63J-102X MG RESISTOR 1kØ,1/16W C5547 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5571 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C5548 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5572 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C5549 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5573 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C5550 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5575 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W C5551 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5576 NRSA63J-473X MG RESISTOR 47kØ,1/16W C5553 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5577 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W C5555 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V R5578 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W C5556 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V R5579 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W C5557 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5580 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W C5558 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5581 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W C5559 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5583 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W C5560 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5591 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W C5561 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5593 NRSA63J-221X MG RESISTOR 220Ø,1/16W C5562 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R5595 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W C5563 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V R5596 NRSA63J-331X MG RESISTOR 330Ø,1/16W C5564 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V RA5501 NRZ0040-102X NETWORK RESISTOR 1kØ C5565 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V RA5502 NRZ0040-473X NETWORK RESISTOR 47kØ C5568 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5501 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C5570 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5502 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5571 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5503 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5572 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5504 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C5573 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5505 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V C5574 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5506 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L5501 NQR0129-002X FERRITE BEAD C5507 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V L5502 NQR0129-002X FERRITE BEAD C5508 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L5503 NQR0129-002X FERRITE BEAD C5509 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V L5504 NQR0006-001X FERRITE BEAD C5510 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L5505 NQR0006-001X FERRITE BEAD C5511 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V L5506 NQR0129-002X FERRITE BEAD C5512 NDC31HJ-680X CAPACITOR 68pF,50V L5507 NQR0006-001X FERRITE BEAD C5513 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V L5508 NQL085J-120X COIL C5514 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L5509 NQL085J-120X COIL C5515 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L5510 NQL085J-2R2X COIL C5516 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V L5511 NQR0129-002X FERRITE BEAD C5517 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V L5512 NQR0006-001X FERRITE BEAD C5518 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V L5513 NQR0269-001X FERRITE BEAD C5519 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V CN5501 QGF0507F3-30X FFC/FPC CONNECTOR C5520 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V CN5502 QGB0509M1-30X CONNECTOR C5521 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V ! CP5501 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR C5522 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V ! CP5502 ICP-S1.0-X C PROTECTOR C5523 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C5524 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V C5525 NCB30JK-105X CAPACITOR 1µF,6.3V C5526 NCB31HK-472X CAPACITOR 0.0047µF,50V C5527 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V ****************************** C5528 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V FRT BOARD ASSEMBLY<08> C5529 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C5530 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V PW1 YB10389A1-01 FRT BOARD ASSY C5531 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V IC501 TC7W74F-X IC C5532 NCB31HK-102X CAPACITOR 0.001µF,50V IC502 TC7W74F-X IC C5533 NDC31HJ-470X CAPACITOR 47pF,50V IC503 TC7W74F-X IC C5534 NCB31HK-102X CAPACITOR 0.001µF,50V IC504 TC74HC251AF-X IC C5535 NDC31HJ-330X CAPACITOR 33pF,50V IC505 TC74HC251AF-X IC C5536 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V Q501 DTC114EKA-X DIGI. TRANSISTOR C5537 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V Q502 DTC114EKA-X DIGI. TRANSISTOR C5538 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V Q503 DTC114EKA-X DIGI. TRANSISTOR C5539 NCB31EK-104X CAPACITOR 0.1µF,25V Q504 DTC114EKA-X DIGI. TRANSISTOR C5540 NEA71CM-106X E CAPACITOR 10µF,16V Q505 DTC114EKA-X DIGI. TRANSISTOR C5541 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V Q506 DTC114EKA-X DIGI. TRANSISTOR C5542 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V Q507 2SC3932/TS/-X TRANSISTOR C5543 NDC31HJ-330X CAPACITOR 33pF,50V Q508 DTC114EKA-X DIGI. TRANSISTOR 5-26, # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION # REF No. PART No. PART NAME, DESCRIPTION Q509 2SC3932/TS/-X TRANSISTOR C509 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V Q510 DTC114EKA-X DIGI. TRANSISTOR C510 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V Q511 DTC114EKA-X DIGI. TRANSISTOR C511 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V D501 DAP202K-X DIODE C512 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V D502 SLR-342YC-T14 LED C513 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V D503 SLR-342YC-T14 LED C514 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V D504 SLR-342YC-T14 LED C515 NBE20JM-106X TA E CAPACITOR 10µF,6.3V R501 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W C516 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R502 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W C517 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R503 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W C518 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R504 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W C519 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R505 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W C520 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R506 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W C521 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V R507 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W C522 NEA70JM-107X E CAPACITOR 100µF,6.3V R508 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W C523 NCZ1013-683X CAPACITOR 0.068µF R509 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W C524 NCZ1013-683X CAPACITOR 0.068µF R510 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W C525 NCZ1013-683X CAPACITOR 0.068µF R511 NRSA63J-181X MG RESISTOR 180Ø,1/16W C526 NCZ1013-683X CAPACITOR 0.068µF R512 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W CN501 QGF1004F2-12X FPC CONNECTOR R513 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W SW501 QSW0947-001 SLIDE SWITCH R514 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W SW502 NSW0158-001 PUSH SWITCH R515 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W SW503 NSW0158-001 PUSH SWITCH R516 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W SW504 NSW0158-001 PUSH SWITCH R517 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W SW505 NSW0158-001 PUSH SWITCH R518 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W SW506 QSW0947-001 SLIDE SWITCH R519 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W SW507 NSW0158-001 PUSH SWITCH R520 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W SW508 QSW0948-001 SLIDE SWITCH R521 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W SW509 NSW0158-001 PUSH SWITCH R522 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W SW510 NSW0158-001 PUSH SWITCH R523 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W SW511 NSW0158-001 PUSH SWITCH R524 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W SW512 NSW0158-001 PUSH SWITCH R525 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W SW513 NSW0158-001 PUSH SWITCH R526 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W SW514 NSW0158-001 PUSH SWITCH R527 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W SW515 NSW0158-001 PUSH SWITCH R528 NRSA63J-471X MG RESISTOR 470Ø,1/16W TP501 NNZ0009-001X TEST POINT R529 NRSA63J-104X MG RESISTOR 100kØ,1/16W HD1 PQ40795-2-2 LED HOLDER,X3 R530 NRSA63J-391X MG RESISTOR 390Ø,1/16W R531 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R532 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R533 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W R534 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W ****************************** R535 NRSA63J-104X MG RESISTOR 100kØ,1/16W LED BOARD ASSEMBLY<09> R536 NRSA63J-104X MG RESISTOR 100kØ,1/16W R537 NRSA63J-391X MG RESISTOR 390Ø,1/16W PW2 YB10389A2-01 LED BOARD ASSY R538 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W D701 GL5KG42 LED R539 NRSA63J-103X MG RESISTOR 10kØ,1/16W CN701 QGA2001F1-02 CONNECTOR R540 NRSA63J-104X MG RESISTOR 100kØ,1/16W HD1 PQ40795-5-2 LED HOLDER R541 NRSA63J-104X MG RESISTOR 100kØ,1/16W R542 NRSA63J-391X MG RESISTOR 390Ø,1/16W R543 NRSA63J-472X MG RESISTOR 4.7kØ,1/16W R544 NRSA63J-0R0X MG RESISTOR 0Ø,1/16W R545 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W R546 NRSA63J-101X MG RESISTOR 100Ø,1/16W VR501 QVQ0044-B53 V RESISTOR VR502 QVQ0044-B53 V RESISTOR VR503 QVQ0044-B53 V RESISTOR C501 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C502 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C503 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C504 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C505 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C506 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C507 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V C508 NCB31HK-103X CAPACITOR 0.01µF,50V (VP)-S14H42 DZ-VCA3U 5-27]

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Master Page: Cover1 GE_GR-DVX707EG_00-Cover.fm Page 2 Wednesday, February 20, 2002 3:29 PM DEUTSCH Automatischer Vorführmodus 8 DIGITAL-CAMCORDER SO IST IHR CAMCORDER GR-DVX707 EINSATZBEREIT GR-DVX507 GR-DVX407 VIDEO-AUFNAHME & - 18 GR-DVX400 WIEDERGABE Besuchen Sie unsere Homepage im World Wide Web
BETRIEBS- und WARTUNGSHANDBUCH PIPER PA 18 Für die vorliegende Übersetzung wurden folgende Unterlagen verwendet: SUPERCUB1. Owners Handbook for Operation and Maintenance of the PIPER SUPER CUB Models PA 18 “95” und PA 18 “150” des
BETRIEBS- und WARTUNGSHANDBUCH PIPER PA 18 Für die vorliegende Übersetzung wurden folgende Unterlagen verwendet: SUPERCUB1. Owners Handbook for Operation and Maintenance of the PIPER SUPER CUB Models PA 18 “95” und PA 18 “150” des Herstellerwerkes “PIPER AIRCRAFT CORPORATION Lock Haven, PA/ USA”. Au
ТРАНЗИСТОРЫ БИПОЛЯРНЫЕ ИМПОРТНЫЕ 2N1112 15.00 2SA1321 250 0.05 0.60 80.00 15.10 2N1212 60 5.00 80.00 TO-61 NPN 15.00 2SA1348 50 0.10 0.30 200.00 50 SPA PNP Si 5.90 2N1217 20 0.03 0.08 9.00 TO-22 NPN 15.00 2SA1357 35 5.00 10.00 170.00 11.00 2N1711 75 0.50 0.80 70.00 50 TO-39 NPN Si 14.00 2SA1359 40 3
  Schematic Diagrams 5-1 Top Level 5-1 Schematic Diagrams
DUAL BAND Mobile Cellular Phone SGH-2200 SERVICE Manual DUAL BAND Mobile Cellular Phone CONTENTS
DUAL BAND Mobile Cellular Phone SGH-2200 SERVICE Manual DUAL BAND Mobile Cellular Phone CONTENTS 1. Exectrical Parts List 2. Exploded Views and Parts List 3. Block Diagrams 4. PCB Diagrams 5. Schematic Diagrams / 1 2ABC 3DEF 4 GHI 5 JKL 6MNO 7PQRS 8TUV 9WXYZ + 0 DUAL BAND Mobile Cellular Phone SGH-2
U47015+VBATT VIN VOUT RTC_3V3 GND34D441 ON/OFF NC C427 C305 MCL4154 100NF 100PF C306 C307 LP2981AIM5X-3.3 RTC_VCC10UF/6.3V 10NF R738 1K C751 100NF BAT1 RB414 ALERT_VCC U62115VIN VOUT GND C748341UF ON/OFF NC C319 C31810NF 1UF LP2981AIM5X-3.3 AVCC U619 U474 5 SI3865DV 1 VIN VOUT43+VBATT S2 D2 2 GND52R
Revision Table No.Revision DateREV REVISION HISTORY 1 2007/03/30 1.0 Initial revision 2 2007/05/08 1.1 only support digital panel, one 5v dc/dc, modify pwm circuit.
D D Revision Table No.Revision DateREV REVISION HISTORY 1 2007/03/30 1.0 Initial revision 2 2007/05/08 1.1 only support digital panel, one 5v dc/dc, modify pwm circuit. 3 2007/10/17 2.0 Delete C127,C143 Change R128's value from 10k to 270ohm Change R8/R9's value from 10k to 300k Head Phone Speaker A
C989 ACGND L81722121L866 22u 1n S820 1kV S821 AC2 AC2 L865 S841 S867 ACGND ACGND 10R TH1 S880 DCREG L500 L501 S881 S810 S811 D110 L867 +400V 10u R1009 STP20NE06LFP STP20NE06LFP STPS745 D890 ACGND 0R47 C962 C963 C964 C965 C966 C940 RS1008_SOD123 R1012 C927 47u 47u 47u 47u 47u 10n +12V 0R47 10k 10k 47
+14.5V HEATSINK STPS_3P_10L60CFP INVERTER SUPPLY L810 +14.5V R813 22u KA78R12 22k 1 12 IC804 Q804D813 IN OUT BC848B1 2 +12V R812 VDIS GND 47k Q808C809 C810 C811431n 1n 1n FDC642P 1kV 1kV 1kV 2 11 S801 D807 STPS_3P_10L60CFP R844 3 10 Q806 PL804 BA159 L805 BC848B 10k STBY_ON/OFF +5VSTBY 1 10u C841 C80
D103 BA159_SMD +5V PL816 D869 TRF_PFC_SAFE_PLASMA_450UH +24V1 1 TR805 STPS_3P_10L60CFP PL817 D870 TRF_SAFE_TFT_RES189L820 R1019 R117 R847 10k STPS_3P_10L60CFP L810 D868 2R2 2R2 +24V 2u7_RESONANT IC807 5VREFD878 7 10 D25XB60 L821 R961 +400V PL801 10R STPS_3P_112D08L6670CFP STP20NE06LFP D110 1 INV.IN
RS854 470J_2012G12345678MGM23-N1/P SMPS(PFC,S/B) AC110V_ONLY HOT COLD JP872 JUMPER1212LP802 JP873 BAS3565T0 JUMPER PFC_OUT H/S1 QP801S FQPF18N50V2 H/S2 RP809 DP801 D 200KF_20121N5406 D BD801S 1 JP826 RS605M_600V6A JP827 [N1] JUMPER J828 CP802 FS802S RP810 JUMPER J829 330uF 125V_4A DP819 200KF_2012 2
TELEFUNKEN I DIGITAL- RECH EN AN LAGE TR 4 Inhaltsubersicht Die TELEFUNKEN-Digital-Rechenanlage TR 4 . 1 Die Wortlange 3 Dos Rechenwerk . 5 Dos Speicherwerk 7 Dos Befehlswerk . 8 Dos Ein- und Ausgobewerk 9 Die Ein- und AusgobegerCite 10 Doten .12 Herausgegeben von TELEFUNKEN G · M · B · H GESCHJ(FTS
OszilloskopHM303- 6 Handbuch Deutsch Inhaltsverzeichnis Oszilloskop HM 303-6 CE-Konformität ...43 Betriebsarten der Vertikalverstärker ... 13 XY-Betrieb ... 14 Technische Daten ...5 Phasenvergleich mit Lissajous-Figur ... 14 Phasendifferenz-Messung Allgemeines ...6 im Zweikanal-Betrieb ... 14 Aufste
Instruments Spectrum analyzer HM5011 HM5010 SERVICE-MANUAL HM5011/5010
® Instruments Spectrum analyzer HM5011 HM5010 SERVICE-MANUAL HM5011/5010 DEUTSCH / ENGLISH 4S-5010-0010 09 JUN 1998 Service Manual Adjustment Procedure Circuit Diagrams HM5010/5011 Abgleichanweisung für HM5010/HM 5011... 4 A Überprüfung und Einstellung der Versorgungsspannungen ... 4 B Endabgleich T
OszilloskopHM507Handbuch Deutsch Inhaltsverzeichnis Allgemeine Hinweise zur CE-Kennzeichnung ... 43 Technische Daten ... 5 Allgemeines ... 6 Symbole ... 6 Aufstellung des Gerätes ... 6 Sicherheit ... 6 Bestimmungsgemäßer Betrieb ... 6 Gewährleistung und Reparatur... 7 Wartung... 7 Schutzschaltung ..
Prüfsender Rel.Send. 22b
Prüfsender Rel.Send. 22b Typ: Rel. Sk. VII D 9/15b F.Nr. 252180 Röhre 1 Netzgleichrichter RGN354 Tfk 941 dr u Sep.39 Röhre 2 Hf-Oszillator AC2 Tfk 181 tb k Aug.40 Röhre 3 Nf-Oszillator AC2 Tfk 113 tb k Aug.40 RelSend22b.doc
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Technische Beschreibung
Technische Beschreibung CB-Mobilfunkgerät AE 2850 / AE 2844 FM Allgemeines : Das Mobilfunkgerät AE 2850 von Albrecht ist ein universell verwendbares FM-CB-Handfunkgerät für Batterie- oder Akkubetrieb (10 Mignon-Zellen zu je 1.5 Volt (Alkali-Mangan-Batterie) oder 1.2 V Nickel-Cadmium-Akkus) , sowie F
Bedienungsanleitung Albrecht AE 2844 FM Handsprechfunkgerät Allgemeines Das Handsprechfunkgerät AE 2844 FM ist ein anmelde- und gebührenfreies CB-Funkgerät für
Bedienungsanleitung Albrecht AE 2844 FM Handsprechfunkgerät Allgemeines Das Handsprechfunkgerät AE 2844 FM ist ein anmelde- und gebührenfreies CB-Funkgerät für den Betrieb auf 40 Kanälen FM nach der CEPT FM Europanorm ETS 300 135. Es verfügt über Anschlußbuchsen für: • Externe Antenne (über TNC-Stec
Bedienungsanleitung Albrecht AE 2850 Handsprechfunkgerät Allgemeines Das Handsprechfunkgerät AE 2850 ist ein anmelde- und gebührenfreies CB-Funkgerät für den Betrieb auf 40 Kanälen FM nach der Europanorm ETS 300 135. Es verfügt über Anschlußbuchsen für: • Externe Antenne (über TNC-Steckbuchse) • Ext
Nachrüstanleitung Überspannungsschutz für AE 2980 / AE 501 / AE 502 / AE 201 S / SS-201 Problembeschreibung:
Nachrüstanleitung Überspannungsschutz für AE 2980 / AE 501 / AE 502 / AE 201 S / SS-201 Problembeschreibung: Die Batteriekästen der o.a. Funkgeräte haben eine Kombi-Lade-DC-Buchse. Diese Buchse ist so geschaltet, daß sie sowohl zur externen Speisung des Funkgeräts als auch zum Laden der eingesetzten
Albrecht AE 2980
Inhalt Aktuelles Kontakt Produkte Service-CD Download Albrecht AE 2980 Ein besonders kleines und handliches CB-Funkgerät im Amateurfunk-Look Dieses mikroprozessorgesteuertes Gerät bietet eine Ausstattung, die außergewöhnlich umfangreich für ein Handfunkgerät ist. Bedienerfreundlich ist der automatis
Akku-Ladegerät Art. Nr. 10104 für AE 2980 u.ähnliche Handfunkgeräte Benutzerinformationen
Akku-Ladegerät Art. Nr. 10104 für AE 2980 u.ähnliche Handfunkgeräte Benutzerinformationen Verwendungszweck: Das Stecker -Ladegerät Nr. 10104 Typ DV-1230 UP ist vorgesehen zum Aufladen von Nickel-Cadmium und Nickel-Metallhydrid-Akkus im serienmäßigen Batteriefach der AE 2980 am 230 V Stromnetz. Das G
Wichtiger Hinweis zum Aufladen von aufladbaren Batterien und zum beigefügten Ladegerät:
Wichtiger Hinweis zum Aufladen von aufladbaren Batterien und zum beigefügten Ladegerät: Zum Laden verwenden Sie bitte nur das beigefügte Steckerladegerät und keineswegs ein anderes oder ein einstellbares Netzteil. Das Steckerladegerät ist mit seiner höheren Leerlaufspannung und der Streufeld-Strombe
Standladegerät Art.-Nr. 10 106 für AE 2980, AE 201 S, AE 502 u.a. Bedienungsanleitung
Standladegerät Art.-Nr. 10 106 für AE 2980, AE 201 S, AE 502 u.a. Bedienungsanleitung Verwendungszweck des Standladers: Das Standladegerät 10106 ist vorgesehen zum Aufladen von Nickel-Cadmium und Nickel-Metall- Hydrid Akkus im Batteriefach der Albrecht-Handfunkgeräte AE 2980, AE 201 S und AE 501/AE
Bedienungsanleitung CB-Funkgerät AE 2980 FM
Bedienungsanleitung CB-Funkgerät AE 2980 FM Einführung Ihr neues Albrecht CB-Funkgerät AE 2980 FM,aus der AE 2980-Gerätefamilie, nach den europäischen Standards ETS 300 135 und ETS 300 680-1 entwickelt und gefertigt, bietet Ihnen: - 40 Kanäle FM / 4 Watt, umschaltbar 1 Watt - Kanalwahl mit UP/DOWN-T
Umbauanleitung AE 2980 Kanalerweiterung (nur zulässig für Exportkunden)
Umbauanleitung AE 2980 Kanalerweiterung (nur zulässig für Exportkunden) Die AE 2980 in deutscher Ausführung (80/12 Kanäle) kann auf einige andere Standards umgebaut werden: Batteriefach abziehen, Gerät öffnen (3+1 Schrauben), Gerät herausnehmen, Frontplattenplatine abziehen (beide Platinen sind per
Anschlußkabel für Packet Radio an Handfunkgeräte
Anschlußkabel für Packet Radio an Handfunkgeräte Für Albrecht-Amateurfunk Handfunkgeräte (und viele andere mit gleichartiger Schaltung) kann ein Packet Radio Anschlußkabel für das Mini-Funkmodem PC-COM leicht selbst hergestellt werden: Man benötigt dazu zwei abgeschirmte Kabelstücke, wie sie z.B. be